Alishia + John | Engaged

March 20, 2015

Certain couples are just an absolute joy to work with because their genuine chemistry is so vibrant! Couples who love to laugh, kiss, and enjoy collaborating on artistic photos are truly a blessing. Alishia and John embody these charactersitics and so much more. I have known Alishia since high school and what an amazingly beautiful and talented woman she is who is absolutely glowing with love! During a rainy/snowy day in North East Ohio, with a parking ban in place in most of the county, we ventured out to capture these glistening  portraits in the frosty chill. Alishia herself is an artist who creates amazing looks for her clients at A Lily Shay hair studio located in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, where she is the owner. I can tell they will have an incredible life together and make an awesome team not only because they are daring and fearless, but because of their spontaneity, even in the face of uncertain weather conditions.  I am so excited for these two and can not wait until their wedding!   


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