Ashley + Brent | Engaged

July 13, 2015

Dustin and I had such a great time on this engagement shoot! Ashley and Brent are down to earth and so much fun to be around. Your genuine smiles and personalities are magnetic.

The weather Saturday was perfect, comparable only to the location where we shot. Behind her father's house is a beautiful peaceful pond secluded in a gully, that is reminiscent of something out of a poem or novel.  I'm partial to overcast that fades into a beautiful sunset, followed by a blue/purple sky. It was most definitely picturesque. To get down to the location I rode with Ashley in "the gator", which was a new experience for me entirely, and it was a blast! Above the gully looking down felt as though we were peering over the top of the very first hill of a massive roller coaster just prior to the descent. Congratulations to you both we are so thrilled to be able to photograph your wedding, and can not wait!!

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