Jessica + Jason | Engaged

July 22, 2015

I am so excited for these two! I have known Jessica since high school and she is absolutely incredible. Every time we work together it is an awesome experience because she knows precisely what she wants to express and  says I have the eye to make it happen!  Jess designed all the themes, putting so much work into every detail of her engagement session, and it paid off. The vivid look of these photos truly speaks to her talent as a model and designer, and her relationship with Jason shines. Along with being one of the kindest people I know, she has a personality that is so positive so ambitious and insanely beautiful. Her occupation as a project associate liaison for a chinese consultant company, and his occupation is an industrial engineer, compliment each other well. Jessica endearingly calls him " Lord Ansley" ( with a spot on British accent ) and Jason calls her Ying. Her ring, his great aunt's diamond passed down by his grandmother, is a miner's cut inlaid into a vintage halo design.

Breaking this informal engagement session up into three themes, Jess brought her vision to life. The first set is a take on a Retro Bubble gum pink meet up in the park, complete with victory rolls + balloons. The second exudes a glam rocker chic urban street style photographed on a rooftop setting. The third set is a classy take on east meets west in a vintage candid backdrop, accompanied by a silver 250 SE classic Mercedes. As a Cantonese speaking maven Jessica incorporated her beautiful Chinese culture including a party cheongsam dress while Jason wore a classic satin navy tux with James Bond swag. The emanate serious celebrity star vibes as Dustin and I  were asked, not once but three times by onlookers, if they were famous!

We wish you both an amazing journey and we can't wait to collaborate with both of you in the future!



How they met - from Jess :

"Jason and I met at a bar. I was on the dancefloor and he spilled his drink on me while passing through. He didn't even acknowledge it! I grabbed him and said "excuse me, you spilled your drink all over me!" The normal response would be, "oh, sorry!" or "can I get you a drink?" Instead, he asked me to dance! I do not dance with strangers but I made an exception for him. It was last call and the DJ played End of the Road by Boys II Men. He asked me what my name was. I didn't feel comfortable giving him my real name, so I gave him my "Chinese Name", Ying. He couldn't hear me so he asked me to type my name in his phone. Then he said, "well since it's already in here... can I have your number too?" It was so smooth, I didn't even see it coming. I couldn't resist and I gave him my number! Since then we have been inseparable!"

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