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about us

Dustin and I are located in North East Ohio and we specialize in  wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photography with a modern artistic style. We shoot together as a team and absolutely love meeting and working with people with interesting stories. I have a background in fine art, photo-journalism and commercial photography working in California, New York City, and the greater North East Ohio region; while Dustin has a background in landscape photography photographing the California Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and Qatar. We love cats, camping, going swimming  and watching movies.

I remember when Dustin would send me photographs while being deployed for the USAF 8th EAMS squadron to the Middle East and talking for hours about our passion for the theatre and the arts, as well as for each other! We also shared scenic landscapes and vibrant portraits we had taken earlier in the week with each other. Upon his return from being stationed in California we were married in late September in 2010 and joined forces photographically shortly there after.

We utilize Canon L series professional lenses and equipment and I use Photoshop and Lightroom on Apple workstations for editing.

We are also CPS ( Canon Professional Services ) Platinum Members.

Dustin is absolutely, hands down one of the funniest people I know and I love being able to work with him. We naturally bring our energy and passion to every shoot.


Creating stunning photography is an art form that we have a personal attachment to as well as the people we meet through this amazing medium of expression. To follow a couple through their engagement, wedding, maternity and growing family photo sessions is an incredible honor and one of the most fulfilling experiences as storytellers. The same may be said for the aspiring models, graduating seniors and bands we have worked with. Everyone has left a lasting impression with us and vice versa.

We specialize in, and are passionate about providing a unique husband and wife perspective for you on your engagement and wedding day. We know this is an incredibly exciting time for couples filled with anticipation and maybe even sometimes a bit of nervousness. But that's okay! Because we have been through the wedding planning phase, we are able to act as a positive encouraging asset to you on your big day and make you feel as comfortable as possible! We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and give you an exciting and unique shoot experience. To introduce yourself and tell us more about the plans you have for your amazing day or just to say hello, please visit our contact page, have a beautiful day!


- Bethany + Dustin

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