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Family Fourth of July Weekend

This past weekend my family and I went to upstate NY to visit my grandparents, and to celebrate my Dad's birthday and cousin's graduation! While we were there we stopped by our favorite seafood restaurant Rudy's Lakeside Drive - In , as well, the incredible Wade's Diner. We stayed at the Quality Inn & Suites Riverfront, toured Fort Ontario and explored the Maritime Museum. It was a beautiful weekend to visit with family and I am so grateful that God is working so abundantly in all of their lives! It is also comforting to know my grandfather has a beautiful safe place to be with the most caring assistants around him as well as my grandmother being there for him. My grandmother is one of the strongest people I know and I am inspired by her servant's heart every day.

As June ends, so does a very important month, in which awareness is raised for the more than 5 million American's living with Alzeimer's disease. If you or anyone you know would like more information, to donate to research, or get involved locally with Alzheimer's awareness, ALZFDN.ORG has very good resources.

All images ©BethanyZadaiPhotography

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